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Our Partners

About Our Partners 

JL Racing partners with teams, non-profits, and other organizations to improve the rowing community on a larger scale. Our partnerships help us expand our reach to underserved communities, build bridges between partners in the rowing industry, and offer unique opportunities for exposure. If you are interested in becoming a partner with JL Racing, please let us know on our contact page. 

Fulham Reach Boat Club

Fulham Reach Boat Club is a registered charity with a vision of Rowing for All.  We aim to give access to rowing to a cross-section of our community, especially those who are most in need because of financial hardship or social circumstance and help them realise their full potential both on and off the water.


Innovation, evolution, the relentless pursuit of always moving forward -- that's what it means to Be a SHARK™. Sharks only move in one direction -- forward. Commitment to the pursuit of high performance is what it means to Be a SHARK. Learn about the people who use our products and those who create them. JL partnered with HUDSON because we embrace their philosophy of living each day to push the pace of high-performance rowing.

George Pocock Rowing Foundation

Through physical activity, community development, and team building, GPRF inspires more individuals to embrace their full potential on and off the water.

Everyone deserves a team. One that will challenge them, change them, and lead them to strive for excellence. The George Pocock Rowing Foundation aligns underserved youth with the opportunity to find their team and transform their lives through the sport of rowing and the values of athleticism.

Survivor Rowing Network

Rowing Cares

Rowing Cares connects the rowing and cancer across the U.S. in support of patients and survivors. They honor, celebrate and remember through a series of fundraising events, both live and virtual, for women and men of all ages impacted by all cancers. 

Newport Aquatic Center

NAC is a non-profit boat house offering water sports such as rowing, SUP, canoeing and kayaking. Paddlers and rowers of every age and level of ability use the NAC to sharpen their skills in rowing, canoeing, outrigger canoeing, and kayaking. Throughout the year the NAC hosts various events which attract those from the community and beyond.

Purdue Crew

Purdue Crew represent the highest ideals of being both a college student and college athlete. The team yearly posts one of the highest GPA averages of any club or sports team on campus, while bringing home medals and trophies from the largest regattas across the nation. The team is made up of a healthy mix of both experienced high school rowers and walk-on athletes new to the sport.


The STEM to Stern program uses rowing to bring people together across racial and socioeconomic boundaries.  By creating diverse rowing teams, we foster relationships that change lives and improve society.  In a country as divided as it is, STEM to Stern is a program that shows what is possible when we come together.

Ambassador Program

Team JL

Team JL Racing is a Worldwide Ambassador Program that brings together rowers from all over the globe who love the JL brand, want to help build the sport, and connect with rowers around the world.
Team JL is about more than just clothing. It is about creating lifelong connections through a shared love of sport and a brand that supports and loves rowing. We've been here, supporting rowers worldwide for 35+ years, and this is just the beginning! Be a part of something bigger! We're fast. We're fun. We look darn good in our JL gear! Join us in our Olympic year to bring JL comfort and performance to future rowing generations!