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Step 1: Select Styles For Your Team

Select any new styles & review existing designs to include in your order. Fill out the information required in the Custom Locker section, like contact information, additional design & team details.

Step 2: Speak With Your Dedicated Account Manager

Within one business day your dedicated account manager will be in touch to discuss and review your order and design requests.

Step 3: Approve Designs & Place Your Order

Your dedicated design team will build custom mockups based on your input. Work with your account manager to finalize your order with your team. We can also build a dedicated team store for your team to order with us.

Step 4: Receive Your Custom Gear

Your made-to-order custom garment arrives to you! We can't wait to see you show it off on & off the water.



Introducing our new Pocket Trou! This trou comes with reinforced seams, a sewn-in elastic waist, double-seated fabric for added comfort for your sit bones, and pockets! Pocket trou is available in an original and short length (-2). Women's Pocket Trou is also available with a banded waistband. The pocket measures approximately 5.5" tall by 3" wide, plus stretch. The pocket fits most smartphones.

JL Racing's Winter Training Classics

From travel kits, to racing unisuits, and lightweight, breathable layers that won’t ride up, we have everything you need to complete your kit through every season. 
Check out our custom apparel picks for this winter racing season! 

Men's Performance Long Sleeve

Unisex Active Fleece Hoodie

Women's Pro Quarter-Zip

Get Your Best Edge With JL Racing

Ordering custom gear from JL is simple, stream-lined, and convenient. Work with our customer-focused team to get high-quality custom gear that your team will be proud to wear.

Contact your account manager today to get started!


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There's a reason why the best choose JL Racing.

"Thank you again for ensuring we received our unsuits in time for our fall race the "Head of the Schuylkill"! Our young athletes looked professional and proudly wore their new Brick City Rowing gear (BCR)! The BCR staff and our young athletes cannot achieve our goals without the support of people like you."
— Stephanie, Brick City Rowing
"Our team is so grateful for the support you've provided for us last year and that you continue to support us! It's one of the best rowing suits our team has ever had."
— Ukrainian National Team
"Please pass along to the design team that our team LOVES their uni suits!! They are so happy with them. The design is subtle, yet it popped off the screen in photos/videos we captured during the last race. So great!!! Thank you for all your patience with me!! The results are fabulous!! It took a bit of time and conversation but so beyond worth it. I look forward to working with you next cycle of orders.”
— Choate Rosemary Hall Women
“Just writing to let you know we received both our tech shirts and our unisuits ahead of promised delivery and in time for the start of our season- THANK YOU! All orders are complete and we so appreciate how easy it is to work with ya’ll and how helpful you’ve been in getting this order to us.”
— Western Albemarle High School Crew
"JL fits into my rowing life because it makes me feel confident. I’m always ready for a strong water session in JL gear. The company is devoted to their athletes and supportive of all different backgrounds. Not only is the gear superior in make, but the designs are involved and inspired."
— Ellie
“We really appreciate you going the extra mile to be sure we got our uniforms in time for our race. We are thoroughly impressed with the look and quality of the unisuit, but we are even more impressed with the effort you made to be sure we had them in time. Thanks again, and we look forward to doing business with JL again! Thanks so much!!”
— Keith
“I’m just confirming that we got our unis as of yesterday and that everyone was very pleased with how they turned out. Quoting one of our team members: "I feel like a hero when I put this uni on." Thank you for getting everything taken care of promptly and thanks to JL for an excellent product. Thank you again”
— Thomas
"We've had nothing less than amazing experience working with JL for our small club here in The Bahamas. Our rep Portia has been a dream to work with and they've done a great job producing our uniforms. The Best!"
— Skullers Rowing
"JL is my go to brand for rowing and cycling apparel. The quality of the sports apparel I have from JL is unrivaled".
— Jamie
"The JL sequel jacket is my go-to for cool weather rowing. I wear the hi-viz jacket to increase my visibility as I row alone. For Fall and Spring, the vest is a must. The vest and sequel jackets have a zippered pocket on the lower back where my keys sit safely in a ziplock baggie, and a napoleon pocket on the front to hold my sunglasses till after the sun rises. My favorite cold weather gear is the coxswain splash jacket. It’s lined with fleece and has fleece-lined kangaroo pockets. I row with this over a tech shirt."
— Cece
“Today I had a talk with a FedEx representative since I was afraid the given address would not allow me to receive the package. However, in the same time my package was delivered. I must say that I am very satisfied with the quick reception of your products regardless of the long distance: USA to Turkey. But foremost, I was really amazed to the quality of the material and the sticking and the embroidery of the products. Top quality. The sizing was also as per to given description. Many thanks and keep up the good work.”
— Arim
"Cold weather rowing for me is all about layers. The JL sequel turtleshell vest is great over a short sleeve tech shirt for early Autumn so I can keep my core warm and dry. In early Spring or end of season in October, I swap out my JL trou for my JL tights and occasionally a splash jacket for that extra layer of warmth."
— Michael
“I love it how your products last for such a long time I have had 2 club zooties/unisuits for about 5 years and they have been the only club ones I have ever had and they have lasted me all that time. I have never had a club or school unisuit/zootie last that long. I also love the fact how I have the option to customize the JL gear so I can get the fit spot on for me no other brand offers this at all. JL is I like any other rowing brand in the world and on top of it all they are the best looking rowing gear on the market.”
— Mac
“Comfort & fit are very important however I also love the bright colours & design, they are all truly fit for purpose.”
— Susan
"The best quality kit that works! If you want to be the best rower you need the best kit which is JL! Everything fits great and you know that when you are training or in the middle of a race your kit won't fail you. JL is quality kit which has been perfected by rowers over the years until it is absolutely perfect."
— Amy
“JL has fast and comfortable racing and training clothing making it perfect for winter and summer training, allowing you to train on the water regardless of the conditions and generate the maximum power every stroke.”
— Ollie
“I love the quality of JL kit! I have so many AIO and leggings from JL. All my JL kit from when I first started rowing 11 years ago still fits and still looks relatively brand new! There are no wear or tear on them.”
— Holly
“JL is a really quality brand which is what I think a lot of rowers value including myself. My current racing kit is JL and I've had the AIO for 6+ years and it shows no sign of stopping. There also seems to be a really great community amongst those on the ambassador program that I would love to be apart of.”
— Jessica
“Since I got my first ever Unisuit, which was a JL one, I have sworn by the brand and have gone on to buy other products by them including tech tops, leggings and splash jackets. I’ve always liked the quality and range of designs, also the collections such as Hudson and Concept2. I also admire the way JL has built itself up into the brand that it is, with such collaborations and also the ambassador program.”
— Luke
“To me, JL means quality and comfort. It allows me to concentrate on my training and competition knowing it is hardy enough to withstand the strain rowing can have on kit. Out of all my kit, I always reach for a JL unisuit because comfy to train and race in.”
— Saffron
"The JL training kit is the best of the best and the most comfortable training kit there is! I will always wear my JL kit long before a lot of my other training kit including kit from the big brands (adidas, nike etc). But this is because of its form, fit and functionality in rowing.”
— Tim
“Each of these items fit me perfectly and are super comfortable while rowing. I had my first uni for 4 years before it got its first hole which shows the quality material used.”
— Shelby
"We just received our unis and they are AWESOME! Our seniors got a peek at them and they are so pumped to wear them. Thank you for all the guidance and advice on materials, design experience, as well as making the process enjoyable and user-friendly."
— Alex, Jacksonville University
"Thanks so much for all your help with the CJRC Henleys. We couldn’t be happier with how they came out! In fact, they are such a hit that we need to get several more for the team."
— Cincinnati Junior Rowing

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