Warming up before a workout is crucial to get yourself ready to perform at your best, and avoid injury. Warming up increases your heart rate and therefore your blood flow. This enables more oxygen to reach your muscles. A warmup also activates and primes the connections between your nerve and muscles, which improves the efficiency of movement. So, how do you get ready for an erg workout or rowing on the water? Follow along with Philip Doyle, as he takes us through his warmup on the erg!


Philip Doyle is a doctor and elite-level rower. Over the past five years, he has qualified in the NHS (National Health Service) and has been on the Irish National Team for the same amount of time. Philip qualified for and competed in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. 

In his warmup session, Philip will guide you through setting yourself up on the erg, feet height, drag factor, warmup drills, handle height, what he pays attention to while warming up, ratio, and more! Hop on and erg and join him to get prepped and ready for your rowing or erging workout. Click the link below to watch the full video on our Youtube Channel!

WATCH FULL VIDEO: Erg Warmup with Philip Doyle

Do you have a favorite drill to do on the erg?